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Best Buy Market Segmentation

Best Buy Canada Ltd is a completely claimed auxiliary of Best Buy Co. Inc with its headquarter in Burnaby, BC. Best Buy Co. Inc gained the Canada-based gadgets chain Future Shop Inc in 2001. The organization opened its first Canadian Best Buy store in Mississauga, Ontario the next year. 1 Today, with in excess of 51 stores across Canada, Best Buy Canada has gotten the quickest developing and the biggest retailers and e-posteriors of shopper hardware, amusement items, extras and administrations in Canada. 2 There are numerous motivations to which we picked Best Buy Canada as our examination subject. As a matter of first importance, it is a very notable retailer and can be effortlessly identified with. Besides, the organization fits well in our examination structure and a considerable lot of the ideas in showcasing applies to Best Buy Canada also. In conclusion, we trust Best Buy Canada is to a great extent a moral and socially capable organization that has brought positive effect all through our locale. Best Buy Canada’s statement of purpose and goal is â€Å"To improve individuals' lives by making innovation and diversion items reasonable and simple to use†. The four basic beliefs of the organization are â€Å"Having fun while being the best†, â€Å"Learning from challenge and change†, â€Å"Showing admiration, modesty and integrity† and â€Å"Unleashing the intensity of our people† 4 notwithstanding being the greatest retailer of purchaser h ardware like extra large televisions, PCs, cameras and amusement items in Canada, Best Buy Canada likewise has numerous selective brands, for example, Insignia, Dynex and RocketFish and so on . covering a wide scope of electronic items and adornments. Nerd Squad †a 24 hour PC fix and technical support taskforce, empowers Best Buy to offer its clients helpful establishment and fix administrations. Since Best Buy Canada itself doesn't create any genuine items, we are keen on the manner in which Best Buy maintains its retail business in the purchaser hardware showcase. We are likewise enthusiasm for how Best Buy Canada draws in various gatherings of individuals with various needs and break down its promoting procedure for remaining serious in the market.

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Julia Alvarez, Famous Poet and Novelist Essay Example

Julia Alvarez, Famous Poet and Novelist Paper Julia Alvarez is an acclaimed overall artist and author. She was brought up in the Dominican Republic, which is the reason the majority of her sonnets and books are written in Spanish. One of her most well known books is brought In the hour of the Butterflies, which depends on her escape to the United States, from the underground, where the three Mirabel sisters were killed. The hardships of coming into the nation, and without realizing the language is what is supposed to be the fundamental explanation of why she started to begin composing. Julia Alvarez is to a greater extent a well known creator than an artist. In this manner, she doesn’t have a lot of verse books, or sonnets put on the web. I found five sonnets that stood out to me more than her different ones, however. The main sonnet is called â€Å"Household Riddle†. I detest verse, however this sonnet really stood out enough to be noticed as I was understanding it, in contrast to numerous different sonnets. I think this sonnet is entertaining on the grounds that it is for the most part discussing the conundrum, â€Å"Which started things out, the chicken or the egg? † which is an amusing little puzzle that everybody knows. The second sonnet that I discovered is called â€Å"Hairwashing†. This sonnet is about how her mom used to wash her hair at whatever point she got out of hand, to flush out the entirety of the awful. We will compose a custom exposition test on Julia Alvarez, Famous Poet and Novelist explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom exposition test on Julia Alvarez, Famous Poet and Novelist explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom exposition test on Julia Alvarez, Famous Poet and Novelist explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer I picked to do this sonnet since I could truly picture this incident, and it helped me to remember how a few moms would wash their kids’ mouths out with cleanser. Another sonnet that I’ve picked, which is my undisputed top choice, is called â€Å"Against Cinderella†. This sonnet sort of dissects the account of Cinderella, and it poses inquiries that it knows we’ve all been thinking about these years. One line in the sonnet says, â€Å"I can’t accept just a single lady in that town had that size foot, could fit into that shoe. † We all know we’ve pondered this as well, however we just consistently obliged it. I like this sonnet; it’s adorable and clever, and in a way snide. The last two sonnets I picked are called â€Å"Dusting† and â€Å"Storm Windows†. The fundamental explanation I decided to do these sonnets is on the grounds that they were short, and they were one of the not very many sonnets I could discover composed by Julia Alvarez. I do sort of like the sonnet â€Å"Dusting† in light of the fact that the fundamental character says she gets a kick out of the chance to keep in touch with her name on the dusty bureau each morning, and I recall that I used to get a kick out of the chance to compose my name in the residue when I was pretty much nothing, as well. Then again, I have no clue what the sonnet â€Å"Storm Windows† is about. The main explanation I picked it was on the grounds that it was short. Generally speaking, I lament picking Julia Alvarez as my writer. I, for one, don’t truly like her verse, and she should have not have composed that numerous sonnets since I can scarcely discover anything on her. Likewise, I don’t comprehend why a great deal of her sonnets are tied in with housekeeping and tasks. In any case, since I need to make the best out of this, I picked five sonnets that I thought were the best. I like to peruse something that will snatch my advantage, keep my consideration, and possibly make me think a smidgen, and I accept that the five sonnets that I have picked do as such. Works Cited Alvarez, Julia.. â€Å"Dusting. † Homecoming: new and gathered sonnets. New York: Penguin Books USA Inc. , 1996. Alvarez, Julia.. â€Å"Dusting. † Homecoming: new and gathered sonnets. New York: Penguin Books USA Inc. , 1996. Alvarez, Julia.. â€Å"Dusting. † Homecoming: new and gathered sonnets. New York: Penguin Books USA Inc. , 1996. Alvarez, Julia.. â€Å"Dusting. † Homecoming: new and gathered sonnets. New York: Penguin Books USA Inc. , 1996. Alvarez, Julia.. â€Å"Dusting. † Homecoming: new and gathered sonnets. New York: Penguin Books USA Inc. , 1996.

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2.007 Robot Competition 2016

2.007 Robot Competition 2016 No innovation without fabrication! This is the motto of 2.007, a semester-long class for mechanical engineering students. The class teaches students design and manufacturing hands on and culminates in the annual 2.007 Robot Competiton where 32 finalists from 153 entrees compete in various robot-related tasks, each year with a different theme. The years theme was inspired by the American Revolution. The competing robots had to dump tea bags into the Boston Harbor, hang up lanterns in the North Church, hide cannonballs in Concord, and ride from Lexington carrying the warning of British soldiers. They also got bonus points for things like being entirely autonomous and audience oohs for doing something badass like ejecting a mini robot to complete a subtask. Aside from the actual competition was an entire showcase of both projects by students and products from sponsoring companies. There was even an engineering petting zoo! 2.007 was started by MIT Professor Emeritus Woodie Flowers in the early 1970s. His approach to a hands-on mechanical engineering curriculum inspired waves of more hands-on engineering programs around the country, like FIRST Robotics, a popular engineering program for middle and high schoolers. Brb, switching my major to Course 2. Post Tagged #2.007

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The Birth Of The Periodic Table - 891 Words

In September 1860 the birth of the Periodic table began. A group of the world s best chemists assembled in Germany to discuss the issues of atomic mass. At this meeting an Italian chemist, Stanislao Cannizzaro, introduced the right way to accurately measure the relative mass of an atom. After the new method was introduced chemists started to recognize similarities in the properties of various elements and placed them into families. In this earlier stages of the periodic table there were four main chemists; Dobereiner, Newlands, Lothar Meyer, and Dmitri Mendeleev that played a substantial role in the development of the periodic table. Dobereiner started with a few family groups each containing three elements. Newlands put the elements of those families in repeating groups called octaves. Meyer noted additional repeating properties. Mendeleev put it all together into what has become the periodic table of the elements. The German chemist, named Dobereiner, in 1829 noted some of the first elemental similarities. His observations began with bromine, which had just been discovered. He noticed that the properties of bromine were similar to chlorine and iodine. Not only were they related but also various properties of bromine, including the atomic weight, fell midway between the properties of chlorine and iodine, but also there was a pattern within the group of regularly increasing atomic weights. As he did his research he noticed a couple other groups of elements with patternsShow MoreRelatedMendeleev s The Periodic Table Of The Elements1512 Words   |  7 Pages Dmitri Mendeleev, who developed the periodic table of the elements, was one of sciences most influential leaders. Before Mendeleev, religion and beliefs shaped people’s choices rather than science and facts. Mendeleev’s fame and dedication changed that. Throughout his life, Mendeleev was a leader in science and the legacy he lef t behind led others to discover new elements and facilitate chemistry for generations to come.   Ã‚  Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev was born on February 8th, 1834 in Tobolsk, RussiaRead MoreJohn Dalton And His Atomic Theory885 Words   |  4 PagesJohn Dalton did many things in his life. He was most known for his Atomic Theory, Law of Multiple Proportions, Dalton s Law Partial Pressures, and Daltonism. He had a noble award for Royal Medals. Deborah and Joseph Dalton gave birth to John Dalton on September 6, 1766 at Eaglesfield, Cumberland, England. John was born into a Quaker family. His father was a weaver and his mother stayed at home and help with the cooking, children, laundry, etc. John had two other siblings Mary and Jonathan DaltonRead MoreEssay On Elizabeth Barrett Browning955 Words   |  4 Pagesknow what was exactly wrong with her, but they later came to discover that it was hypokalemic periodic paralysis (HKPP). Hypokalemic periodic paralysis is a very rare genetic disorder. It is a muscle disorder that causes blood levels of potassium to fall due to potassium becoming trapped in the skeletal muscles. People with the disease will experience recurrent attacks that can be brought on by alcohol, table salt, excessive cold or heat, sudden temperature changes, illness, sleep, hunger, exerciseRead MoreElizabeth Barrett Browning, An English Poet Of The Victorian Era1004 Words   |  5 Pageswrong with her, but they later came to discover that it was hypokalemic periodic paralysis (HKPP). Hypokalemic periodic paralysis is a very rare genetic disorder. It is a muscle disorder that will cause your blood levels of potassium to decrease due to the potassium that becomes trapped in the skeletal muscles. People with the disease will experience recurrent attacks that can be brought on by excessive cold or heat, table salt, alcohol, sudden temperature changes, hunger, illness, sleep, exerciseRead MoreThe Extreme Expansion Of The Meat Industry1317 Words   |  6 Pagesfeces from spreading from the animals’ intestines or hides onto the tables and tools for butchering, or onto the meat itself. But because the production lines are forced to move so quickly, it is exceedingly difficult to butcher the carcasses with the care necessary to prevent this kind of contamination. As a result, meat often becomes contaminated with bacteria that cause foodborne illness. The US continues to experience periodic large-scale outbreaks of foodborne illness and large recalls of contaminat edRead MoreA Study On Wireless Mouse1472 Words   |  6 Pagesfund further research and to determine which input device is best for controlling cursor. In the year 1967 Bill English was analyzing the results of the various characteristics of input devices, Periodic table of the elements which has characteristics to define groups along rows and columns, periodic table is the main led to discovery of certain unknown elements, this defined the characteristics of a device that didn’t exist before. That device was the mouse, (1) http://www.todayifoundout.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/canadian-mouse-340x259Read MoreEssay on Analysis of the Oxygen Group on the Periodic Table1745 Words   |  7 Pagesyou what I have learned over the oxygen group on the elemental table. I will talk about Oxygen, Sulfur, Selenium, Tellurium, and last but not least Polonium. These elements have changed our way of life and history in ways you might not know. We are surrounded by these elements in our daily life and they make us the way we are. I hope to teach you and answer some questions about these elements in this informant paper. On the periodic table there are many groups that classified on it. The oxygen groupRead MoreTaking a Look at Soil Depletion 685 Words   |  3 Pagesrequire for growth. At a stroke, soil biology gave way to soil chemistry, and specifically to the three chemical nutrients Liebig highlighted as crucial to plant growth: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, or to use these elements initials from the periodic table, N-P-X (Pollan 146).† Liebig argued that the only chemicals needed in order for a plant to grow were the Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (N-P-K group) therefore producing something that contained the N-P-K elements was all that was neededRead MoreAnalysis Of Kurt Vonnegut s The Great Depression 1711 Words   |  7 PagesOn the 11th of November 1922, Kurt Vonnegut was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. The date and the place of birth are important because it guarantees Vonnegut two experiences – the development of his Midwestern attitude and the Great Depression – which have fashioned his individuality as a science-fiction writer. (Lundquist 2) According to John T. Flanagan, a Midwesterner has an attitude of â€Å"individualism, self-reliance, a practical materialism, skepticism of custom and tradition unless rooted in commonRead MoreGlobal Environmental Issues Of The World1540 Words   |  7 PagesAmerica, Europe, Australia and Antarctica) and 196 countries without including sub-nations and islands in the world. This is not shocking to people as the world dynamics cannot be completely studied as population trends change from time to time due periodic occurrences. Population debates like this are why, in 2011, National Geographic published a series called 7 Billion on world population, its trends, implications, and future. After years of examining global environmental issues such as climate

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Definition and Examples of Literary Journalism

Literary journalism is a form of nonfiction that combines factual reporting with some of the narrative techniques and stylistic strategies traditionally associated with fiction. Also called  narrative journalism. In his ground-breaking anthology The Literary Journalists (1984), Norman Sims observed that literary journalism demands immersion in complex, difficult subjects. The voice of the writer surfaces to show that an author is at work. The term literary journalism is sometimes used interchangeably with creative nonfiction; more often, however, it is regarded as one type of creative nonfiction. Highly regarded literary journalists in the U.S. today include John McPhee, Jane Kramer, Mark Singer, and Richard Rhodes. Some notable literary journalists of the past century include Stephen Crane, Jack London, George Orwell, and Tom Wolfe. Classic Examples of Literary Journalism A Hanging by George OrwellThe San Francisco Earthquake by Jack LondonThe Watercress Girl by Henry Mayhew Observations Literary journalism is not fiction--the people are real and the events occurred--nor is it journalism in a traditional sense. There is interpretation, a personal point of view, and (often) experimentation with structure and chronology. Another essential element of literary journalism is its focus. Rather than emphasizing institutions, literary journalism explores the lives of those who are affected by those institutions.   (Jan Whitt, Women in American Journalism: A New History. University of Illinois Press, 2008)Characteristics of Literary JournalismAmong the shared characteristics of literary journalism are immersion reporting, complicated structures, character development, symbolism, voice, a focus on ordinary people ... and accuracy. Literary journalists recognize the need for a consciousness on the page through which the objects in view are filtered.A list of characteristics can be an easier way to define literary journalism than a formal definition or a set of rules. Well, th ere are some rules, but Mark Kramer used the term breakable rules in an anthology we edited. Among those rules, Kramer included: - Literary journalists immerse themselves in subjects worlds...- Literary journalists work out implicit covenants about accuracy and candor...- Literary journalists write mostly about routine events.- Literary journalists develop meaning by building upon the readers sequential reactions. ... Journalism ties itself to the actual, the confirmed, that which is not simply imagined... Literary journalists have adhered to the rules of accuracy--or mostly so--precisely because their work cannot be labeled as journalism if details and characters are imaginary.  (Norman Sims, True Stories: A Century of Literary Journalism. Northwestern University Press, 2008)  As defined by Thomas B. Connery,  literary journalism is  nonfiction printed prose whose verifiable content is shaped and transformed into a story or sketch  by use of narrative and rhetorical  techniques generally associated with fiction. Through these stories and sketches, authors make a statement, or provide an interpretation, about the people and culture depicted. Norman Sims adds to this  definition by suggesting the genre  itself allows readers to behold others lives, often set within far clearer contexts than we can bring to our own. He goes on to suggest, There is something intrinsically politica l—and strongly  democratic—about literary journalism—something pluralistic, pro-individual, anti-cant, and anti-elite. Further, as John E. Hartsock  points out, the bulk of work that has been considered literary journalism is composed largely by professional journalists or those writers whose industrial means of production is to be found in the newspaper and magazine press, thus making them at least for the interim de facto journalists. Common to many definitions of literary journalism is that the work itself  should contain some kind of higher truth; the stories themselves may be said to be emblematic of a larger truth. (Amy Mattson Lauters, ed.,  The Rediscovered Writings of Rose Wilder Lane, Literary Journalist. University of Missouri Press, 2007)Through dialogue, words, the presentation of the scene, you can turn over the material to the reader. The reader is ninety-some percent of whats creative in creative writing. A writer simply gets things start ed.  (John McPhee, quoted by Norman Sims in The Art of Literary Journalism. Literary Journalism, ed. by Norman Sims and Mark Kramer. Ballantine, 1995) Background of Literary Journalism [Benjamin] Franklins Silence Dogood essays marked his entrance into literary journalism. Silence, the persona Franklin adopted, speaks to the form that literary journalism should take--that it should be situated in the ordinary world--even though her background was not typically found in newspaper writing.  (Carla Mulford, Benjamin Franklin and Transatlantic Literary Journalism. Transatlantic Literary Studies, 1660-1830, ed. by Eve Tavor Bannet and Susan Manning. Cambridge University Press, 2012)A hundred and fifty years before the New Journalists of the 1960s rubbed our noses in their egos, [William] Hazlitt put himself into his work with a candor that would have been unthinkable a few generations earlier.  (Arthur Krystal, Slang-Whanger. Except When I Write. Oxford University Press, 2011)The phrase New Journalism first appeared in an American context in the 1880s when it was used to describe the blend of sensationalism and crusading journalism--muckraking on behalf of immigrant s and the poor--one found in the New York World and other papers...Although it was historically unrelated to [Joseph] Pulitzers New Journalism, the genre of writing that Lincoln Steffens called literary journalism shared many of its goals. As the city editor of the New York Commercial Advertiser in the 1890s, Steffens made literary journalism--artfully told narrative stories about subjects of concern to the masses--into editorial policy, insisting that the basic goals of the artist and the journalist (subjectivity, honesty, empathy) were the same.  (Robert S. Boynton, Introduction to The New New Journalism: Conversations with Americas Best Nonfiction Writers on Their Craft. Vintage Books, 2005)

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Leatherback Loggerhead or Just Turtle Final Free Essays

After a hard day of laboring through the grease and grim at your pitiful factory job, you come home and meeting you at the door is a 77 year old desert tortoise. You reach down to stroke the turtle, and it retracts its head into its shell because it wants nothing to do with you, starting to feel threatened it snaps at your fingers. Youngsters and adults typically adore animals and especially loves turtles are not what Kay was trying to convey in this piece. We will write a custom essay sample on Leatherback Loggerhead or Just Turtle Final or any similar topic only for you Order Now She wanted to use an animal that most people would not, or could not relate too. It depicts a harsh reality to a mundane occurrence. Ryan portrays a turtle using metaphors, rhyming, personification, assonance and imagery to relate that the human daily grind Of humanity is no different than any chelonian. As the reader you are being baited into thinking, â€Å"What is she thinking? Is there a human being in this world that would want to live the life of a turtle? † It remains still hibernating in a rocky self-dug hole for long periods of time without any contact to the outside world only to emerge to a cruel and unforgiving reality. Eating grass and trying to avoid a speeding teenager riving on a country road, or a starving alligator seems like a life of misery. She goes on and likens the turtle to something cumbersome that can barely get out of its own way. â€Å"A barely mobile hard roll, a four-oared helmet,† (line 2) Dinner rolls are made to be enjoyed while warm, soft and freshly from the oven, but this roll is hard and not consumable. A meal that the majority would not choose if given the chance, but ingest if absolutely necessary is what a crusty dinner roll represents. It brings to mind rowing a boat with three other people in rough water, just trying to make ground in the choppy sea. Turtles have extremely hard outer shells and have serious problems with locomotion, and Ryan uses these metaphors in the first few lines which portrays a seriously immobile, clumsy loggerhead. Ryan shows us right away that being a turtle IS not like Franklin the Turtle, a character in the Franklin picture book series by Paulette Bourgeois who goes to school and eats sandwiches that his mom makes, or plays outside without care with his friends. This turtle does not go to school, or receive an education like Franklin. The reader can start to identify with the turtle as Ryan gives the animal ender and makes you start to feel for her and the chances the turtle must take to eat. Ryan gives the turtle not a name, but describes it as â€Å"her†. The female or egg laying half of the turtle race who not only has to find food through any means possible, but carry the future while doing so. This responsibility was not by her own choice, it was handed down to her by nature. Gathering food is not something civilized people do on a regular basis; they simple order while resting comfortably in their air conditioned vehicle while listening to their favorite AC/DC soundtrack. On the other hand, he turtle is dangerously rowing with its four stubby legs towards its meager reward of grass. She is moving so slow and deliberately that any number of creatures could easily stop her quest for nourishment. Ryan pens the word rowing, but turtles cannot row. Those slow, deliberate strokes symbolize just how hard any movement is for this leatherback just to find sustenance. Ryan describes a turtle that is not interested in becoming more than just a subpar being dragging its inconvenient shell, trying to eat and not perish doing so. Her turtle is â€Å"below luck level† and could never imagine winning the lottery† or any other prize that would change her â€Å"pottery† or shell in to wings that would enhance her life immensely. People dream of hitting the jack pot and spending their fortunes, but not this turtle, it is a realist. Ryan uses rhyming with â€Å"lottery and pottery’ (line 13, 14) to bring attention just how far away this turtle is from anything great, and the turtle knows that it will be nothing but a turtle living a life of just getting through the next meal. Ryan compares the turtle to an axled vehicle getting stuck almost on a regular basis. Images of an 18 wheeled tractor-trailer, perched on top of raffiti covered concrete K-rail on the side of the freeway come to mind. There will not be a tow truck coming to save this turtle’s day, it must fend for itself. The turtle, precariously wedged on the slant of an oversized stone, using gravity to start a rocking motion to hopefully free itself, hoping that its efforts will not upright her and exposed a soft delectable under belly. One definition of insanity is repeating the same action and expecting a different result. The manager who urgently escapes his workplace at the whistle every day because that is when the work day is done, and then complains he did ot receive his bonus based on effort or lack thereof shows insanity. The turtle is not a truck, a train or even a boat, but Ryan uses personification in reverse to relate these things. Our turtle is avoiding things that would make it more difficult to survive, just as a man working in a belt factory would not raise his hand to show interest in becoming a supervisor. Raised hands mean additional labor and nonexistent satisfaction. The unneeded stress of the responsibilities would surely crush the factory worker and his family would undeniably suffer dire onsequences. â€Å"Almost any slope† (line 6) would defeat the pace of any turtle from finding some grass to eat. The turtle ‘Skirts the ditch which would convert’ (line 10) her into turtle tar-tar for any mangy animal that happens to be passing through. Ryan uses assonance to convey that the turtle might be slow, but through experience as learned to avoid hazards just like the belt factory worker. Eating your favorite dish, or remembering that when as a child you saw your mother start to prepare for baking Christmas cookies brings you back to that place and time. It is a perfect picture in your mind, even though some cookies were not perfect you still remember the image without flaws and imperfections. The author uses imagery of the turtle turning her shell into a serving dish, upside down and vulnerable. Once the turtle is on its shell, it becomes more than just a helpless creature; it becomes lunch, or even a buffet for all to share. After an alligator snaps the turtle in half and partakes in the majority of the supple meat, other smaller creatures stop by to pick through the steamy entrails and leftover pieces its elongated snout prevents it from eating. It is imperative to understand what Ryan means bynot being able to change her â€Å"pottery to wings† and know that this turtle cannot be anything else, but a mindless creature doing the same thing every day just to survive. Our friend the turtle was merely trying to eat, and not be eaten. Millions of people rise without the shine and go through the same mundaneroutines even before leaving their residence. The same monotonous lifestyle or career shapes a society and teaches the masses to just place one foot in front of the other. A homeless man wakes every day from a restless few hours of sleep to instantly onder if he is in imminent danger. He struggles to his feet, and starts a plan of action, not unlike to his previous eleven years. Prison would be an easier life. Themiddle aged soccer mom takes the same steps every day starting at the gymand then to daycare before racing to work to avoid the penalties of being late. They both rarely venture outside of their comfort zone. The homeless man knows what small, slow steps he must take to survive for that moment, and the soccer mom thinks of multiple projects and lists she must complete to provide for herself. In either case, both are going through the ame daily steps and in survival mode to reach the next marker in their life. How to cite Leatherback Loggerhead or Just Turtle Final, Papers

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The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Lets Face It free essay sample

If you liked Dont know to party, or Ska Core the Devil and More, by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, this new CD is one you definitely need to pick up. With songs like The Impression that I get and Lets Face It, this CD is well worth purchasing. I know this because of the recent appearance on Modern Rock live and listening to their new CD. Their music is a good contribution to the ska sense of music and is also good to listen to because this band is not controversial when compared to musical acts like rapper Tupac or Marilyn Manson. It is just good music. The other tracks on the CD are just as great. The new music has changed very little, it is still the same good quality musical talent of Dicky Barret and the rest of the band. So if you buy it, you will not be disappointed. We will write a custom essay sample on The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Lets Face It or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page But, hey, dont take it from the biggest fan, find out for yourself on Lets Face It. .